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So why Red Shirt Friday you ask? Well it’s simple. Wear a red shirt every Friday to show that you respect and support our troops and veterans. Throw your politics out the door for a moment; you don’t have to support the wars we engage in, in order to support our troops and appreciate the sacrifices that they make daily. That’s what this site is all about.

This early beta version of Red Shirt Friday . Com is the beginning of our journey to enable people like you to make a difference in a service member's life by purchasing an authentic Red Shirt Friday shirt. Future plans for our site will allow you to design personal and company sponsored shirts and keep track of your participation with our cause. The majority of our profits will be donated directly to various leading charities and organizations in the military and veteran sector that we will be partnering with each year. Rest assured, we will hide nothing from our supporters and will remain transparent in all of operations because at the end of the day, this site and movement will be nothing without the support of you the American people. We want you to look at this site as a place where YOU can make a difference. If you have any further questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us below. We have big plans for this movement and want to assist as many service men and women aspossible, so let's get this thing started...

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